66qrcode Changelog

All of the updates for 66qrcode will be listed here. 66qrcode versioning is based on the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH system.

Update 10.0.0 - 19 November, 2022

  • Implemented the ability to duplicate QR codes.
  • Implemented Turnstile Cloudflare captcha system.
  • Implemented Code Redeemed webhook in the admin panel.
  • Implemented user deletion email notification for admins.
  • Implemented unconfirmed users auto deletion feature, configurable via the admin panel.
  • Implemented a better color picker for all color type inputs.
  • Reworked the admin panel language translation pages for better clarity and also performance.
  • Improved performance of the whole script & cron job by not running queries to the database when not needed.
  • Now you can also upload Webp images in most image upload related forms.
  • Improved theme switcher: now the logo will automatically switch as well.
  • Blog category pages now also show a sidebar with widgets, for consistency purposes.
  • The New Users Webhook now sends the source data of the creation of the user as well.
  • The New Payments Webhook now sends the plan expiration date as well.
  • Taxes set from the admin panel can now contain decimals.
  • Improved upload type fields: now it will specify the maximum size allowed.
  • Now you can install the product and use it on PHP 8.1 as well (please report if there are any related bugs).
  • Multiple code cleanups & improvements throughout the product.
  • Updated some external libraries to their latest versions.
  • Fixed specific email sending with default webhost settings for Email notifications.
  • Fixed Two Factor Auth login not working properly.
  • Fixed blog post opengraph image not working properly.
  • Reworked the Paddle implementation to work with the new API changes.

Update 9.0.0 - 11 September, 2022

  • Reworked the admin panel user view page to see all the details available for a user account.
  • Implemented the ability to see the source of registration of an account (social, API, normal).
  • Implemented statistics latest entries page.
  • Blog posts featured image is now considered the opengraph image as well.
  • Improved all file input fields to better looking ones.
  • Improved the QR code reader to work better on different browsers.
  • Fixed 2FA login bug.
  • Fixed pixels creation & update issue.
  • Fixed statistics API issue.
  • Multiple other bugfixes, improvements and cleanups.

Update 8.1.0 - 14 July, 2022

  • Implemented new QR code styles: dot & round.
  • Implemented new payments webhook in the admin panel.
  • Custom domains can not be submitted twice now, if a custom domain is already approved.
  • Disabling the registration system will now remove the home page and the QR generation page links for the user to register.

Update 8.0.0 - 1 July, 2022

  • Implemented the new Blogging system.
    • Can be enabled/disabled from the admin panel.
    • All posts & categories are added to the sitemap.
    • Admin panel blog posts management page with filters, pagination & bulk deletion features.
    • Admin panel blog posts categories page with filters, pagination & bulk deletion features.
    • Good looking public blog page with recent posts, categories widget & popular posts widget.
  • Implemented the ability to filter, paginate & bulk delete the admin panel pages system.
  • Implemented the ability to filter, paginate & bulk delete the admin panel pages categories system.
  • Implemented the ability to check Cities statistics per link without the need to Click on a particular country.
  • Implemented Amount field for Crypto QR code generation.
  • Implemented Sensitive Content warning for URLs option.
  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable the QR code reader from the admin panel.
  • Implemented Links API for Creation and Updating links.
  • Implemented Teams API for managing everything Teams system related.
  • Reworked the Paddle implementation to work with the new API changes.
  • Reworked the Affiliate system earnings percentages. Now you can set the percentage on a per-plan basis.
  • Reworked the login screen when using two factor authentication for a cleaner look.
  • Reworked the Affiliate system referral URL to work on any kind of internal URL.
  • Refactored a lot of code, resulting in less translation strings for common recurring words.
  • Refactored all deletion modals for consistency purposes, resulting in less code and less translations.
  • Now blacklisted domains will also take into consideration IP domains.
  • Fixed QR codes download not working when the name contains symbols.
  • Fixed QR code stored images not being removed in certain cases when QR code is deleted.

Update 7.0.0 - 3 May, 2022

  • Implemented QR code reader new feature.
  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable auto language detection via the admin panel.
  • Implemented the ability to set a different logo base on the theme style (dark or light).
  • Implemented the ability to set a different logo for emails.
  • Implemented the ability to reset link statistics.
  • Implemented RTL support for emails & improved the email templates looks.
  • Implemented the ability to create multi-language pages from the admin panel.
  • Implemented an anti-phishing system code for emails sent out to users by the system.
  • Implemented the TikTok pixel in the Pixels system.
  • Contact form, you can now reply-to via your email client directly via the sent email.
  • Resend activation page will now be disabled if the email confirmation setting is disabled.
  • Reworked and improved the Sitemap to include more pages, dynamically.
  • Improved the pages resources center UI & fixed small bugs.
  • Reworked and improved the language & dark mode switcher.
  • Fixed Mollie annual payments not processing correctly.
  • Fixed reset password not working for some particular emails & not logging the user in after the password change.
  • Fixed bug when logging in with a custom language set, yet the user has another language to his account.
  • Fixed admin impersonation of user logout not working properly.

Update 6.0.0 - 29 March, 2022

  • Implemented the Teams system & released the 👨‍đŸ’ģ Teams Plugin.
  • Implemented cookie consent logging feature to store proof of given consent.
  • Implemented cookie consent logging export to CSV.
  • Implemented cookie consent settings link in the footer, so that people can change their given consent at all times.
  • Implemented the ability to generate discount/redeemable codes in bulk via the admin panel.
  • Implemented new dedicated code redeeming page.
  • Implemented Paddle payment gateway for one-time payments.
  • All user sessions will be logged out if the account changes password (security improvement).
  • Fixed language preference not persisting when doing certain actions while logged in.
  • Fixed language preference of a user being reset when re-logging in.

Update 5.0.0 - 4 March, 2022

  • Implemented Cookie Consent functionality, highly configurable via the admin panel and translation system.
  • Implemented Discord login functionality, configurable via the admin panel.
  • Fixed payment generation issue in some special cases for a few payment gateways.
  • Multiple visual & functional improvements, bugfixes.

Update 4.1.0 - 16 February, 2022

  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable a language via the admin panel.
  • Implemented the ability to filter translated, non translated and all strings when editing a language via the admin panel.
  • Fixed various new translation system issues.
  • Small other visual improvements.
  • Product rebranding from 33QrCode to 66qrcode.

Update 4.0.0 - 6 February, 2022

  • Fully reworked the Languages & Translations system for much better performance, handling and usability.
  • Implemented the ability to edit and translate Languages from the admin panel.
  • Implemented Crypto.com one-time payment gateway.
  • Fixed dynamic QR Link selector not working properly.
  • Fixed Admin Panel Link Deletion not working properly.

Update 3.0.0 - 21 January, 2022

  • Implemented user registration blacklist by country.
  • Reworked the plugin system so plugins won't lose their state anymore when updating.
  • Reworked the admin panel footer (added language switcher + theme switcher).
  • Reworked the footer of the whole app.
  • Improved UI for all tables on mobile.
  • Improved UX workflow bug when skipping trial & introducing billing details.
  • Improved responsiveness for account payments & logs pages.
  • Improved color contrast in Dark mode.
  • Emojis in URL alias are now allowed for Links.
  • Fixed UI alignment issues on mobile.
  • Fixed payment generation bug when using discount codes in some cases.
  • Fixed admin panel settings UI menu bug.
  • Fixed QR Codes inputs bug when switching between QR types.
  • Fixed Paypal add to cart QR code not generating properly.
  • Fixed API QR codes not working properly when creating.
  • Fixed API Links not working properly.
  • Fixed & improved many other small UI issues.

Update 2.0.0 - 2 January, 2022

  • Implemented the new QR Code template to generate PayPal payment links.
  • Improved the UX of impersonating a user, as an admin.
  • Other small yet many improvements of the whole system.

Update 1.1.0 - 15 December, 2021

  • Implemented the ability to export the QR code to PNG, JPG & WEBP.
  • Implemented a built-in Contact form page.
  • Implemented the ability to skip a trial when paying for a plan.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the system.

Initial release - 10 December, 2021